A remarkable detail was shared in the deep facts about the 'coronavirus' that emerged in China and threatened the entire world.


It turns out the virus in question was patented years ago. 

The Wuhan-based coronavirus that caused the current outbreak is from a family of viruses whose presence has been detected and known for many years. In the past, there were different viruses known as coronavirus.

Let's go back to the simulation that the Gates Foundation has proposed. This” simulation " was made in October 2019 by the John Hopkins Center for Health Security, the World Economic Forum, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. It is possible to gather information about the simulation called Event 201 from its site.

Event 201 is based on a serious outbreak scenario that is likely to spread worldwide. The reason is that there are almost 200 epidemics every year. So what kind of scenario does the drill follow? The disease is caused by the “novel zoonotic coronavirus”, which passes from bats to pigs and from there to humans. It is clearly stated that the scenario is based on the more common form of SARS. The disease is supposed to have started on a pig farm in Brazil and spread first to South America and then to the world via Portugal, the United States and China. According to the scenario, 65 million people die in 18 months. There is also a variety of videos, photos and information about the event. Similar simulations have been conducted at the John Hopkins Center in the past. In the simulation, the disease was named Corona Associated Pulmonary syndrome (CAPS).

A statement from the John Hopkins Center for Health Safety came after the news became frequent. The center said the virus addressed at the event had nothing to do with the new coronavirus, while they were working on a fictional pandemic virus scenario. The statement also said they had no predictions about the current virus.

Similar allegations viewing platform verification for analysis, Boston University Prof. Dr. He met with David Hamer and asked about these types of simulations. Hamer stated that the goal should be to make the simulations as close to reality as possible: he emphasized that the spread of viruses such as SARS and MERS are good examples for such studies.

The Patent belongs to another member of the corona family

Another part of the claim is that Pirbright patented the virus. The virus that caused the current outbreak is from the Corona family, which contains many different viruses. When we examine the page showing the evidence that caused the patent claims to be spread, it can be seen that the content belongs to the year 2015. Again, some claims can be added to the results from the Google patent search engine.

The Pirbright Institute also issued a statement, stating that their work had nothing to do with the new coronavirus. The statement stressed that the Institute's patent is about preventive vaccine work in birds and other animals, while research is under way. Another point the Institute points out is the support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Accordingly, the institute receives support from many institutions and this foundation has nothing to do with patent work. The Gates Foundation's support for Vaccine Development and New coronavirus-related expenditures are also included on the foundation's site.

In addition, when the information in the patent is examined, it can be understood that the study was done for a virus called IBV, which is a member of the corona family, seen in poultry. Boomlive also underlines this point in its analysis.

Politifact, an independent verification organisation, also found that the patent had nothing to do with the new coronavirus. his analysis also includes the opinion of Matthew Frieman of the University of Maryland, stressing that the patent had nothing to do with the current outbreak. Another verification platform, Correctiv, stresses that the patented virus is now a less common type of coronavirus.

So coronavirus is a relative of other known “coronaviruses”. This family of viruses has caused epidemics in various ways for many years, so it is normal to conduct drills or simulations of outbreaks around the world.

As a result, neither the Gates Foundation commissioned a simulation of the outbreak in Wuhan, nor the Pirbright Institute patented the coronavirus for the current outbreak and found its vaccine. As such, the claim can be cited as an example of distortion.