Growing Racism In The UK Has Finally Caused This Too!

Growing Racism In The UK Has Finally Caused This Too!


Thrill-seeking young people are turning to online apps to invest in high-risk crypto assets and exchanges, the UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) said on Tuesday.

The FCA said the findings from its research showed that a new, younger and more diverse group of consumers were involved in high-risk investments such as cryptocurrencies. The FCA reported that this new group, under the age of 40, belonged to black, Asian, Indian or other minority ethnicity.

Online trade also increased during the outbreak, which forced people to stay home due to quarantine and unemployment skyrocketed.

In a statement, the FCA said: “the research revealed that for many investors, rising inequality and racism in Europe are the main reasons behind the investment decisions of minorities and immigrants in economic difficulties." said.

A shocking report has revealed that many ethnic minorities have been subjected to racism in the workplace over the past five years and have been treated unfairly by their employers because of their race.

Stephen Ashe of the University of Manchester surveyed more than 5 thousand non-white British citizens, covering questions about various aspects of their daily working lives.

The reactions were shocking, with more than 70 percent of ethnic minorities saying they had been racially abused in the workplace in the past five years, and nearly 60 percent saying they had been treated unfairly by their employers because of their race. Almost half of those surveyed reported that racism negatively affected their ability to do their job, with almost half reporting ‘verbal abuse and racist jokes'.

Many forms of workplace racism highlighted in this report are actually hate crimes. A third of respondents said they had been subjected to bullying and insensitive questioning, while about 15 percent of women and 8 percent of men said racial discrimination caused them to quit their jobs.

Institution Takes Precautions Against High Risks

Regulators in Europe and the UK have issued several warnings to consumers about the risks of losing all their money because of high volatility assets such as Bitcoin, which have risen to record levels

” We are concerned that some investors are being encouraged to buy high-risk products that are not suitable for them, often through online advertising or high-pressure sales tactics, " said Sheldon Mills, the FCA's Consumer manager.

The FCA said on Tuesday it had launched a campaign to “protect investors” by referring investors to its high-yield investment webpage, which contains key questions consumers should ask themselves before investing.

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