Dog Able To Detect Coronavirus Cases Is Bred In Turkey For The First Time

Dog Able To Detect Coronavirus Cases Is Bred In Turkey For The First Time


Turkish scientists have specially trained a dog named "Zippo", a Border Collie breed, to detect coronavirus cases. With a Net success rate of 97 percent, Zippo will be a major help in fighting coronavirus.

There has been a remarkable development in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic that continues to take our lives captive. After that, the authorities will detect positive cases using a specially trained dog in cooperation with TUBITAK and Ankara University. According to experts, this canine friend named Zippo can detect cases with almost 100 percent accuracy.

Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Ankara University professor who made statements about the specially bred Border Collie breed dog Dr. Ender Yarsan says detector dogs can be used as well as medical studies related to the outbreak. Zippo will help identify coronavirus cases in a first in Turkey.

Here's Zippo, which can detect coronavirus cases up to 100 percent

According to the statements made by Ender Yarsan, Zippo also has great advantages in economic terms. As a result, early action can be taken for coronavirus cases that will be diagnosed with Zippo, and no kit will be needed during them. According to the scientist, Zippo will be one of the important trumps in the fight against coronavirus.

Veterinarian Tarkan Ozvardar gave some explanation of how Zippo was raised. Ozvardar, who says that the technique was developed in as little as a month and a half, so much for the dog to work, says that the main thing they want to prove here is to show that no technological product is as sensitive as the dog's nose. As a result of their research, the net success rate is 97 percent, stating that the veterinarian emphasizes that even ordinary dogs with training can detect coronavirus.

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