What Is A Smart Suitcase? What Can Smart Suitcases Do?

What Is A Smart Suitcase? What Can Smart Suitcases Do?


The smart suitcase has recently gained popularity among frequent travelers and tech enthusiasts. Also called smart luggage or smart luggage, these are bags that allow you to keep your device charged on trips, track where your luggage is, and contain batteries and circuit boards. What is a smart suitcase and what can a smart suitcase do? 

Smart suitcase is a product of developing technology. Although it sounds good, there can be some difficulties with its use.

What Is A Smart Suitcase?

Smart suitcases are sometimes called smart bags or smart backpacks, but in general they already mean the same things.

Airlines describe smart suitcases as “luggage containing batteries used to self-power or charge other devices.” The phrase “smart” here refers to the additional capabilities that the bag can offer by having a power source.

What Can Smart Suitcases Do?

You can charge your phone with smart suitcase.

What distinguishes smart suitcases from other suitcases and makes them interesting is that they have unique features that usually cannot be in a normal suitcase without a power supply.

Smart luggage with high-tech capabilities usually includes:

• Electronic scales

• Wi-Fi connection

• Bluetooth connection

• Device charging

• Remote controls

• GPS tracking

What smart luggage can do in general:

• Built-in baggage scales: some smart suitcases have a built-in baggage scale on their handles. You can see how much your suitcase weighs. And when weight is important, this feature can be useful. For example, when you travel by plane, you can know the weight of your suitcase and adjust yourself accordingly.

• RFID blocker compartments: this feature does not work with electricity, and most smart suitcases have an RFID blocker pocket. Today, even with a simple browser, they can steal data. So this RFID blocker is no credit card you put in your pocket etc. your belongings will not be read from the outside.

• Device charging: usually smart bags have built-in power banks. With this feature, you can charge your phone or tablet in places without outlets. It can be especially useful on trains, airports and buses.

• Suitcase tracking: the exact tracking method may vary according to various brands (via GPS, Bluetooth, GPRS or Wi-Fi) . In general, the principle is the same. You can track where your suitcase is from the app on your device where you connect your smart luggage.

• Proximity tracking: some smart suitcases send a notification when you are too far away from the suitcase. For example, if you forget your suitcase in a taxi, it sends a notification that you have forgotten your suitcase when there is a certain distance between you. So you can get to your suitcase in no time.

Shortage Of Smart Suitcases

Knowing that you can always check and always find your things gives a person comfort. But there are some problems. Airlines aren't happy about smart suitcases.

The problem is that most smart suitcases are powered by lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are known as fire hazards, especially in aircraft. Aviation governing bodies such as the UN's International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) recommend that these batteries not be carried in the cargo compartment of the aircraft.

Some airline companies are prohibited from carrying smart suitcases containing lithium-ion batteries. Some airlines allow smart suitcases with removable batteries. Check-in is not possible with suitcases with removable batteries.

Although these permit situations have been in serious trouble in previous years, they have changed drastically in 2020. However, before you buy your ticket, you should check whether this airline allows smart suitcases.

Is smart suitcases worth buying?

The smart suitcase can weigh its own weight.

The answer to this question depends on you. Your personality and profession are factors in this case.

If you have to stay connected digitally, for example ,if you manage a website, you can carry a lot of technological products even when you are traveling. Laptop, smartphone, camera... smart suitcases are useful when you don't want to risk the charging status of these devices.

If you are carrying valuables in your suitcase, bag, it may be useful to choose a smart suitcase or smart bag. GPS positioning and proximity warning functions make smart suitcases/bags quite convenient for you.

But carrying a smart suitcase may not have much of an advantage if you are someone who travels for entertainment purposes, not very dependent on technology. In addition, their prices are also expensive than regular suitcases.

High-tech smart suitcases are an important development for travel technology. We don't know what the state of use of smart suitcases will be in the future. But the state of use may vary depending on the impact of non-removable lithium ion batteries on aircraft, the risk of fire.

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